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What is your Brand Personality?

When you look at your business you want to make sure that it has personality. You want your consumers to resonate with your brand. Developing a brand personality is the description of the brand expressed in two to four adjectives as if the brand were a person. The brand personality is used to shape the tone of voice for all brand communication, including advertisements, packaging, and more. 

The goal of creating a brand personality is for consumers to interact with your brand. You want your consumers to seek out your brand on an emotional level. You want to ask yourself “If your brand suddenly came alive and walked into the room”:

1. What type of person would she/he be? 

2. What would she/he say and do?

3. How would she/he say and/or do it? 

There are 5 dimensions of brand personality: 

– Sincerity 

– Excitement 

– Competence 

– Sophistication 

– Ruggedness 


Your Brand can be Down-to-earth, honest, wholesome and cheerful. 


Your brand can focus on being daring, spirited, imaginative and up-to-date. 


Your brand can be reliable, intelligent and successful. 


Your brand can have a level of sophistication by having upper class by being glamorous and good looking as well as being charming. 


You brand can also be outdoorsy and tough. 

Does your brand fall into any of these personalities? You want your brand to resonate with one of these personalities. 

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