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Why Good Copy Matters On Social Media

Social media is a numbers game. Typically, the more likes, shares, followers, and comments you get, the wider your reach and the higher the chances of conversion.

However, you can only get these good numbers when your post is captivating and engaging. Each social media post a brand makes influences how their customers perceive them. A well-written copy creates a positive image of your brand and helps you connect emotionally with your customer base. However, a poorly written copy can reflect poorly on your brand and hurt your image.

Here are some of the top reasons why a great copy is essential on social media.

It Gives Your Brand a Voice

Brands are like people; they have their voice, traits, and personality. Your social media copy provides your brand with a distinct voice. Overall it allows you to control how people perceive your brand. Well-crafted copies would not only educate your readers but get them hooked to you across all channels.

A Great Copy Transforms a Regular Product to a Must-have

Assuming you launch a new product, the fact is that your audience will be reluctant to try it out, except you market it to them in an irresistible manner. Relying on generic social media posts will get you nowhere, which is why most people get nothing from these platforms.

A creative copy that sells the benefits of your products will stimulate the imagination of your audience and make them crave your products.

Builds Trust and Relationships

One advantage social media has over other forms of marketing is the ability to connect with your audience and build a lasting bond with them over time. With a well-written copy, you’ll not only pique their interest in your products but also get them to trust you. A great copy can help you transform any visitor into an avid buyer.

Vital for a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

A fantastic copy improves your chances of attracting your target market, engaging them, and getting them to perform your desired action. However, a boring, generic copy would result in catastrophic low sales and ROI.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

A good copy allows you to separate yourself from your competitors. Let’s face it; social media users love good content and would only stick around brands that know how to engage their followers. This is evident on most social media platforms, where smaller brands have a larger following and engagement than larger brands because they have more engaging copies.

The secret is in crafting copies that resonate with your target audience. If you’re targeting millennials, applying trendy terms would make you appealing.

Captivate and Sell More

From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, the difference between making sales and no sales is your copy. An excellent social media copy can convince someone to purchase your products without knowing they’re being sold, while an unexciting copy will fall flat with no sales.

So what Makes A Great Social Media Copy?

  • Keep It Short And Sweet: People on social media have little patience. So your copy should be short and captivating. Social media isn’t the place for long detailed explanations and stories. Twitter made that pretty clear with their character limit.

  • Showcase Your Personality: Social media is a great place to connect with others, and that should be your goal. Consider your brand as the next guy trying to relate with the next person.

  • Make It Actionable: A brand’s social media efforts will be futile if you don’t get your audience to act. Your copy should spur your audience to do what you want, whether it’s to make a purchase, signup on your site, or others.

  • Complement the Visual: Social media is a visual world where videos and images get more eyes than text. However, you shouldn’t neglect texts. When you capture your audience with the images, your copy can be the difference between them clicking on your link or moving to the next post. In the end, your copy should complement your visuals.

  • Use Hashtags and Emojis: Nothing gives you more personality on social media than emojis and Hashtags. If you’re posting about a trendy topic, use the Right Hashtags. Use emojis to make your copy more relatable.

In conclusion, an excellent social media copy is a massive plus for any brand. The written word is the driving force behind social networking and a necessity for success in this sphere.

If you need help with writing copy for your social media posts. Sign up to our email listing to get tips and monthly captions and photos to help you with your posts. Sign up today to get our Promotional Issue where I give you captions for selling your products or services.

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