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How to Keep Best in Class Service during a Pandemic

Every business is feeling the effects of the coronavirus. The CDC’s social distancing and quarantine recommendations have forced people to turn to a digital-only life.

The disruption caught us all by surprise, and most companies are still figuring out the best approach to reach and connect with their customers.

While there is a lot of information flying around, the best strategy to adopt this period is to view every action from the perspective of maximizing customers’ trust.

People are scared and lonely, and there’s a need to adjust your customer service to reflect the current global mood.

Customer Service Best Practices During Covid19

Make Your Digital Processes More Human

Businesses communicate with customers through multiple channels such as physical (face-to-face), mail, phone, and online support. Up until now, anyone would advise prioritizing efficiency by using digital interactions like mail and online support. However, the Covid19 has brought a massive shift.

With human communication now rare, it is essential to embed human interaction in your virtual channels too. Using video chats or phone calls to talk to customers will increase their trust.

Optimize Mobile Experience

Data from a Global Web Index report indicates that smartphone usage has gone up over the last couple of months. This means more people are visiting your website with their phone, and it’s up to you to ensure they have a fantastic experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Value-Driven Brands

One way to grow customers’ trust and increase goodwill is to embrace corporate social responsibility.

Customers are putting more weight on CSR when making purchasing decisions, according to People favor businesses that offer free services and allow flexibility in payment terms. If you can afford it, give your customers more time to pay up their debts.

As the saying goes, “people don’t remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel."

Inform and Reassure Your Customers

The most critical aspect of managing customer experience during this period is to communicate clearly with your customers. Use ad banners and interstitials to inform and reassure your clients of your support.

Add reassuring words in all aspects of your online and physical stores to show you care.

The Covid19 has brought in some challenges; however, continuously working hard to maintain customers’ trust will put you in their mind even long after this period.

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