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YouTube Influencers

We live in a world today, where everyone is trying to become an influencer. The power of YouTube has skyrocketed, and you have regular folks (that are dedicated to making a video because it is not as easy as it seems), making thousands of dollars via YouTube. These people are what is called an “influencer.”

Everyone of all age group uses YouTube for their benefits. You can find anything and everything on YouTube. Looking to lose weight, you have people going over how to do it, what you should or should not eat, what exercises to do. Gamers watch other gamers play video games on YouTube. Are you planning a trip somewhere? YouTube can show you these places, by content creators documenting their journeys. I planned my whole 2018 Thailand trip with the help of influencers on YouTube. We are visual creatures, and if someone can create an entertaining video, people will sit there and watch it.

Successful content creators who have a ton of followers can be monetized from YouTube. There are several ways to do this by ad revenue, channel memberships, merchandise shelf, super chat & super stickers, and YouTube premium revenue (Links to an external site.). You also have methods in the form of paid partnerships. Brands want to reach influencers who have 50,000-100,000+ subscribers on their channel. Brands will do collaborations with the YouTubers, and send them free stuff to try, send them to places to do reviews, and create a video for it.

More and more people are creating successful channels that are providing a form of income that can be their full-time job.

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