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The Importance of Reels and TikToks

89% of marketers anticipate increasing (or maintaining) their short-form video spending. That's because short videos are an attention-free approach to increasing brand recognition and informing viewers about your product. Here’s what you should know about promoting your business using Reels and TikToks.


TikTok is flourishing as the social media center for short-form videos, boasting more than 1 billion monthly active users. Marketers are understandably interested in TikTok despite its reputation for being everything but professional.

Recommendations and articles on products dominate the platform. This indicates a significant window of opportunity for advertising. Businesses can engage with consumers while showcasing their products thanks to TikTok's focus on collaboration and sharing.

Companies like Yours Skincare have developed an organic and paid presence on TikTok that focuses on skincare advice, product showcases, and explainer videos that break down the chemicals in beauty products.


Reels was introduced in 2020 as Instagram's response to TikTok in terms of short-form videos. According to recent research, reels are among the most popular features on Instagram.

With the addition of Reels to Stories, carousels, and even longer-form videos, marketers on Instagram can now fully cover all of their visual content needs.

Why use Reels or TikToks?

Short videos are a powerful technique to advertise your company and attract potential clients. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels, it is now simpler for small companies and marketers to capture, edit, and post videos directly from their mobile devices to promote their products and services.

Here are some reasons you should add Reels and TikToks to your marketing strategy.

  • It increases brand and company awareness

  • Target audience education

  • Boost website clickthroughs

  • Increased prospects & leads

  • Increases conversions

  • It expands your reach

Tips for creating Reels or TikTok

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when creating TikToks.

  • Engage and motivate: Inspirational content will empower your audience. Additionally, posting engaging content is a fantastic chance for you to convey the principles of your company on Tiktok and Reels.

  • Be Original: You can create something interesting by keeping it genuine and organic. Don't emphasize "branding"; instead, develop something that would encourage a lot of user-generated material.

  • Create How-to videos: No matter your sector or expertise, how-to videos are among the top TikTok/Reels video ideas you can try. How-to videos can be amusing to watch in addition to being educational.

  • Share helpful hints and techniques: Who doesn't enjoy learning an original tip or shortcut that would make their life simpler? Additionally, if someone finds a TikTok video with advice valuable, they are likelier to keep it and share it with others on social media.

  • Respond to inquiries from your customers: Popular accounts on TikTok and Reels provide accessible content that offers real-world solutions to real-world issues. So it’s essential to look into your clients' questions in-depth before you start creating your videos.

  • Create fascinating and engaging content: Making an amusing and interesting video is one of the best pieces of advice for success on TikTok and Reels. You only have up to 60 seconds on TikTok and 30 seconds on Reels to create an impact, so choose a topic you can convey engagingly.

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