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Marketing Yourself in 2019

Today, we live in a world where Marketing is power. The Mad Men days are over where ad agencies ruled the world. They are still out there, but Digital Marketing has come to the forefront and changed the way marketing is done. In other words, anyone can do marketing. If you don’t believe me, jump over to Instagram or YouTube and see how millennials are making a fortune by merely marketing themselves. There are ten types of entities when it comes to marketing:

  1. Goods 

  2. Services 

  3. Events 

  4. Experiences 

  5. Persons 

  6. Places 

  7. Properties 

  8. Organizations 

  9. Information 

  10. Ideas 

The Era of Influencers 

There are thousands of people on YouTube promoting these very things. You can find channels on people doing “unboxing” on goods and services, videos on information about anything business, finance even marketing. Influencers take you with them on experiences around the world and tell you which places you should go and what expeditions you should do.  For instance, I traveled to Thailand in 2018, and I made my entire itinerary from seeing countless videos of people who had gone before me. The ability to market and make a profit from these ten entities has opened a new venture for many people. In addition, there are many mediums available to people to sell themselves in this day and age, from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Podcast, and Facebook. The successful people that use this platform for income have mastered the Art and Science of marketing. 

Marketing: Art versus Science 

Art comes in with being creative and artistic. They have the ability to capture the essence of what they are trying to market. The usage of images, videos, music, and their personality can draw you in and make you a subscriber. They know how to transcend their Art to touch the human behavioral level and keep you coming back for more content. 

Science comes in with understanding consumer behavior. What desires are in high demand and how they can get the right message across that resonates with their subscribers and a new audience. They understand the analytical aspect of marketing and what is going to attract more people to your channel. Keeping an eye on what is their Return on Investment (ROI) will be. Tracking social media and seeing the analytic side of their content. 

Marketing yourself in 2019 is a lot easier than it was ten years ago. Advances in technology have allowed for people to have at their fingertips ways to promote themselves and make an income from the content that they produce.

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