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How Branding Propelled 3 Companies to Success

Branding can speak volumes in the sense that it can make or break a company. There is a big difference between Marketing and Branding. The goal of marketing is to facilitate a perceived, mutually beneficial exchange relationship and branding is the process involved in crafting a unique name and image for a company. Branding is done mainly through advertising campaigns where the brand has a consistent theme. Don’t think that branding is only about having a cool looking website and rad videos and flyers. Branding is tied to the customer experience and if the customer loves your product or services your golden. 

Today, companies are keeping their eye open to their competition. Companies always want to have a competitive advantage to their competitors. So let me be honest with you, the competition is fierce, especially in this day and age, where digital rules the world. You have access to your customers with the touch of a button. Remember that your customers will be exposed to a ton of noise in the communication channel. The real MVP companies are those that are surpassing the noise and still getting their brand image across. They are surely doing something right. 

Let’s look at how 3 powerhouse companies are mastering their branding: 


T-Mobile is one of the many cell phone companies you can choose from to have as your provider. They are thinking differently because it is beating the competition by targeting a smaller, younger demographic. T-Mobile set themselves apart by not having their customers tie down to a contract. They step back and research their customer behaviors and focus more on their customers.  

How are they mastering branding?  

  • T-Mobile is always branding how big their network is compared to the competition.

  • To bring in new customers, T-Mobile will pay the termination fees so that you can sign up with them.

  • They are bringing the younger audience by offering Netflix for free and allowing for unlocked phones to be used to switch over.

  • You know T-Mobile by the color of their brand. To them, Pink is the New Black. 

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s brand is about being a “FUN” grocery store. They take away the mundane routine of grocery shopping. There is always funky music playing, and their staff is dress like they are going to the beach with their Hawaiian shirts. It truly makes the purchasing experience a lot more fun. You also have a low cost on their products, but they come at high-quality. 

How are they mastering branding?  

  • It focuses on high-quality products at a price that will not break the bank

  • Trader Joe’s have their own organic products, and at times it is cheaper than the other Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

  • They are smaller, but you have heard the saying “good things come in small packages” despite the store being smaller they do have a variety of selections.

  • They pride themselves being green and getting pride of plastic bags and only using paper bags. A bonus if you bring the paper bags back they acknowledge you by ringing a bell.

  • They allow customers to try any product before they buy it. As well as returning any products even if it has been opened. 


Apple the company that brands by emotion. They have been able to turn a fruit into a brand on its own. The fruit represents high-quality products, luxury, and durability. Steve Jobs said once “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Apple has managed to deliver on its design and make long-lasting products. 

How are they mastering branding?  

  • Apple classifies its sales by Customer and not by product.

  • They match prices if their products are cheaper at other locations.

  • Apple does very well with packaging and being minimal in the packaging if their products. It’s about making it simple for the consumer.

  • Apple tailors more to the younger and creative audience. We all remember the infamous commercial of I’m a Mac. I’m a PC.  

  • Apple offers Genius Bars at their stores, where you can go for your Apple needs.

  • Apple also offers free training sessions on all its products and services. 

Branding can make a significant impact on the success of a company. However, as a company, you need to have the best interest of your customer in mind. Consumers get bombarded with ads and commercials and emails. However, you have to pay attention to those that are making you stop and look at their brand communication. 

These 3 companies have stepped back and looked at their customer experience and have come back with products and services that keep the customers coming back and their branding soaring high. I’ll leave you with this: To truly be successful in branding, you have to think outside the box and not be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable; it’s how you recover and make the necessary changes that make your brand unforgettable.

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