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Four-Step Guide to Brand Building in 2020

A brand is defined as a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies a product, good or service that is different from those of other products or companies in the market. In the increasing market place with tons of competition, companies must stand out from the pack. That is where Brand Resonance comes into play as it related to the relationship that a customer has with the product or service and how they connect to it on a personal level.

The resonance is the amount of psychological association with the brand and how many times a customer will relate to your brand with their day to day life. The benefit of resonance is your brand gains loyalty. To build your best brand in 2020, you want to incorporate this 4-step process:

Level 1: Brand Salience

In this level, you want to establish your brand identity. This will refer to how often your customers think of your brand. Here is where you want to build awareness and depth of your brand that will be remembered by your customers.

Level 2: Brand Performance and Imagery

This is broken down into two blocks performance and imagery. The performance is how your product or services meets your customer’s needs. This will influence how customers will experience your brand. You want your products and services to exceed customer expectations, which will lead to referrals and word of mouth. The brand imagery focuses on the way your brand will attempt to meet the psychological and social needs of your customers.

Level 3: Brand Judgment and Feelings

This level consists of two blocks of brand judgment and feelings. This goes hand in hand with level 2 as the judgments of imagery and performance will play a significant role here. The association between both will result in brand judgment. This level will show your brand creditability as well as how your customer base will perceive it. The feelings focus on how customers relate emotionally to your brand. There are six emotions that customers lean towards fun, warmth, security, excitement, self-respect, and social approval.

Level 4: Brand Resonance

This is the level where customers relate to your brand with an intensive psychological connection. The goal here is to have your customers swear by your products or services. Your customers will purchase anything and everything that relates to your brand.

All these levels work together, you cannot have one without the other. It works its way up from Level 1 to level 4. Incorporating these levels in building your brand will help you become successful and have a brand that everyone will know. In my experience, using these levels to build a brand up will bring you more customers and profit to your business. 

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