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Ubersuggest Changing the Keyword Game

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

A technology that I think will change the world is something that most companies do not quite understand. Keywords are essential in the world of marketing. You might have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if you do not know what that means. Well, in simplest terms it means is making your website design and content stand out from the rest by using keywords in the backend to enhance your visibility. There are websites that provide this information for you like SEM Rush, Moz at a monthly cost. But the great thing is there are free websites that offer the same information. One particular site that is changing the keyword game is Ubersuggest. A brainchild of Marketing guru Neil Patel. He provides a FREE tool for users to locate a domain or add keywords to allow them to succeed in the SEO game. Neil has created this free tool for consumers to drive traffic to their site. To win the Search Engine game, you have to have the right keywords so Google can bring your website first, and you can beat out the competition.

Keyword Suggest

The primary purpose of this website is to provide keywords ideas that will help your business strive. You want to have specific keywords in the metadata of your website for Google bots to locate your website. Ubersuggest provides hundreds of suggestions for this keyword tool. A perk from this free tool is that you will get to see the volume, what your competition is using, and what seasonal trends are for each keyword.

Domain Overview

This feature allows for a website to search for their site and see where it stands from the competition. Ubersuggest will give you all the insights and best off strategies that may be working for others in your own market and what you should do to adopt, improve your website, but most importantly, how to gain the edge of your competition.

Content Help

Ubersuggest also provides you with data to see which pieces you are creating is getting the most views and shares. This helps determine what you should write about next to help you excel in your content strategy.

Ubersuggest is changing the way to market your business at no cost. This information is valuable, and you get it for free. In my opinion, this website is changing the market world by giving leverage to all companies, not just businesses that can afford expensive SEO tools.

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