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Tips to Eliminating Pesky Noise in your Communication Channel

Communication and marketing go hand in hand like a pencil to paper or peanut butter to jelly. You can’t have one without the other. The basic communication model consists of a sender encoding a message and sending it to a receiver who will then decode the message. During the process of creating and receiving a message, noise can play a big part and work against marketers in getting the right message across. Today, we live in a world where ads are everywhere. You go to the movies, and there are commercials before the trailers begin, or you are online and get bombarded with different ads. You can even be driving on the road and see moving billboards that are attached to vehicles. There is just an influx of advertisement coming your way that after a while, you begin to ignore it.

For marketers, this is extremely difficult when trying to communicate with consumers. Here are four tips you can use to help with the noise and get your message to your receivers.  

Design your Message

You need first to ascertain what you want to say in your message. It is a good idea to determine what goals you want to get out of your content. Is it to improve awareness of a product, show new services, or bring more people to your website. You then need to determine who is going to be getting your message. You can segment your audience depending on your product or service. Once you have that clear, you can establish what channels you want to use to get your message across. It is also essential in the design portion to see how you will receive feedback on your content.

Craft the Message

When it comes to crafting your message, you want to be able to use words that your consumers will be able to understand. You want to avoid using internal jargon but use everyday language that they will appreciate. You want to use your brand logos to ensure that your brand stands out. It is vital to get feedback on your content from fellow employees. Give it to another pair of eyes to see if the message reads clear.

Deliver the Message

Before sending your message out to the universe, it is vital that you consider if the timing is right to send the message. Depending on your product or service, you want to make sure that there will be no fallback or that you are sending it at a time where people will see it. Ensure that you have proofread your message one more time before posting.


Once your message has been sent you want to be able to receive feedback from your consumers. Depending on your delivery channel, you can seek out reaction by sending out surveys, have focus groups or questionnaires. By creating these methods of feedback, you will be able to determine future publications for communicating with your consumers.

Noise is inevitable, so next time you construct your content, try these tips to help you bring down the noise in your communication channel

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