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The Importance of Having Engagement

Your social media presence needs the same enthusiasm that performers and athletes experience when surrounded by their audience to be successful. Your content's reach, exposure, and eventual conversion to sales will all be boosted by the engaged social media audience you have built up over time. Consider the effects a sizable number of passionate customers would have on your company.

Engagement is the only way to build enthusiasm and passion for your brand on social media.

What is a good increase in followers monthly?

When you engage your audience, your popularity should grow by a particular percentage each month. Following the growth rate, here’s a breakdown of what’s considered acceptable on social media.

  • The average monthly fan growth rate for Instagram is 1.5 to 2.5 percent.

  • Facebook's average monthly growth ranges between.64 and 2.2 percent.

  • Although Twitter's range is constantly shifting, some of the fastest-growing accounts right now have the following growth rate averaging 4% per month.

How to increase your followers organically

Growing your social media followers organically involves taking steps to keep your followers engaged while satisfying social media algorithms. Here’s what you can do to increase your following.

  • Create Interesting Content: The first guideline for grabbing your audience's attention is to produce compelling content. People are more likely to share your work if it is more interesting. According to a study, Instagram images typically receive 23% higher engagement than Facebook ones.

  • Maintain Follower Interest: You shouldn’t just create any content that comes to mind. You need brilliant concepts that will interest your audience and make them pay attention to your content.

  • Follow your competitors' followers: Following each account on your competitors' list is another excellent strategy. They are your target audience because they already follow your competitor, which indicates that they are curious about your sector and probably what you share.

  • Like and comment on posts from followers of competitor’s accounts: Engage in genuine conversation, leaving comments on topics that particularly interest you. This both assures that people notice you and that you're paying attention to what they're posting.

  • Use user-generated content: Increased brand awareness can be achieved by using user-generated content. It has a great potential for involvement and is free. You can create a custom hashtag and nudge your followers to use it in their posts and follow it.

How to make sure you are getting your money worth from your social media service provider

Analyzing your social media performance can be frightening, but there is no room for improvement without it. As a business owner, a personal analysis of your social media performance is the only way to know whether your social media service provider is delivering results.

Here are some steps you can take to analyze your social media performance.

Check engagement Metrics:

  • Overall engagements

  • Individual engagements by number and type (retweets, likes, comments, link clicks, shares, etc.)

  • Percentage increase/decrease in engagement rate.

  • Mentions

  • Messages/DMs received

Check Social Traffic Metrics: What percentage of social visits bounce? For instance, are users immediately returning to Facebook after visiting your website?

If this is the case, your social messaging is probably not in line with the information on your website, and your social media service provider needs to change its strategy.

Need help with your engagement? Contact us today and we can help you with your engagement! Let us do the hard work so you can get back to your business.

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