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The 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Website Design

 Today we live in a technological world, where our website is our very own online business card (Links to an external site.). You know very well that consumers will always seek out your website to see the legitimacy of your business. You want to ensure that your website is up to par against your competitors. 


Call to Action (CTA): A call to action is where you will have customers do something on your website if it is to log in, sign up, look for products.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):  You always want your customer base with you, so have a CTA by linking a sign-up on your website for a newsletter. The CRM will also allow you to manage your customer base and always be feeding them great content.

Consistency is Key: You want to make sure you are keeping your website consistent with the overall theme of your product or service. Ensure this by following the same color schemes, fonts, and style of writing. This will ensure a happy experience for your customers. 

Hero Image: The image that will attract your customers to look more into your website. You want this image to be one that will match your product and services.

Easy Navigation: Make sure you have an excellent navigation system on the website. You want to make sure that the links work.


Have a slow site: You want to make sure that your website is fast, and it does not lag. You can use tools like Pingdom (Links to an external site.) to test the speed of your website.

Menu Style: Should be readable. Depending on your hero image, you want to make sure your customers see the menu. Don’t let it fade into the picture.

Pop-ups: These are useful, but make sure that you are not overdoing it by having them pop-up as soon as someone enters your page or having them pop-up every 10 seconds. It can get annoying for a consumer, and they leave your page.

Hero Image too large: The hero image is the primary picture that your website will hold. Make sure that your image does not overtake the entire page. You also don’t want your hero image to overtake any call to action.

A/B Testing: Don’t forget to do A/B testing on your website to determine which site works best for your customer experience.

Remember, your online business card needs to have a great user experience. If you do not have it, you can count that your users will move on to your competition. Take time to revisit your website and if it pleasant experience for your users.

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