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Tableau Actionable Insights

Tableau is a great investment tool that every marketer should have in their arsenal. In my blog post Tableau, a Marketer’s Secret Weapon, I talked about how you can transform your flat files and relational databases and turn it into an amazing interactive dashboard.

Tableau allows you to conduct sophisticated analytics to enable you to visually see what you are trying to market or improve for your business. Tableau allows you to filter your items to show only what you want to show by category. It will enable you to sort data once you have selected your bar graph to be able to provide you options for how you want to show your data. In the event you have to group the data that you have from your excel but have a misspelled word, you will be able to group and put them together.

You can also use Tableau for segmentation and cohort analysis, you will be able to move through different perspectives in the geographical maps, and it will allow you to slice and dice the data to the dimension of your choosing.  Tableau also will enable you to do scenarios and what-if analysis using the flexible frontend; you will be able to modify calculation and be able to try different scenarios. Lastly, Time-series and predictive analysis allow you to time-series analysis through seasonality, trends, sample your data, run predictive analyses.

Tableau can help with your advanced analytics to bring your data points alive and impress your clients.

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