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Tableau a Marketer’s Secret Weapon

As a marketer data needs to be an essential factor to consider when doing any business. At times data can become very taunting to analyze, and depending on what business you are in, it can consist of a lot of tedious and complicated analyzing. I wrote about Flat Files and Relational Databases (Links to an external site.) and understanding how spreadsheet documents like excel fall under the flat file database. It’s a type of database that records data in a plain text file. The data is stored in a single table, and there isn’t much to structure, indexing, or explicit relationships between records.

The benefits of using an excel file it is perfect for email marketing as it allows you to sort customers based on their age group, gender, and zip code. You can also use excel for storing a collection of information such as phone numbers, addresses, and emails.

Excel is a great tool to use to store the data you are trying to analyze. However, when your excel spreadsheet has 1000+ values, it makes it a bit more challenging to narrow everything down. Also, excel will not show you any relationship between the data you have on the excel sheet.

Tableau (Links to an external site.) is the route to go to be able to analyze the data easier. It will open up time for you to focus on solutions rather than spending hours going through data. Using Tableau takes the agony out of marketing analytics and provides you with tools to view what you need and visualize it better than ever. It is as simple as dragging and dropping dimensions and measures. The best of that all is there is no scripting needed.

Pulling Data Tableau makes it easy for you to upload your data; you can use the following:

Files o Microsoft Excel o Text File o JSON File o PDF File o Spatial File o Statistical File

From a Server o Oracle o Amazon Redshift o Google Ads o Google Analytics o Salesforce o See screenshot for full list

Interactive Dashboard You will be able to transform your dashboard from plain graphs to eye-catching metrics that will get your point across. These dashboards will allow you to gain more in-depth insight into how your marketing campaigns, website, and any marketing initiatives.

Here is some marketing related dashboard you will be able to create with your data: – Marketing Leadership KPI – Marketing Activity Calendar – Blog Performance by Page Views – Digital Marketing Campaign Performance – Google Ads Performance

Next time you are wondering what is the best software out there to analyze your data, think Tableau and how it can help you with your marketing needs. Tableau also provides online classes to help you maneuver their software so you can have significant data to show off.

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