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Public Relations – Proactive and Reactive Measures

Public Relations (PR) is defined as the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person. There are two types of PR proactive and reactive. When you think of Public Relations, traditionally, it is used for reactive purposes, for example, crisis management. PR will not use this route for opportunities and will use it for defensive management and ensure they are putting out fires. 

Businesses should be using PR more proactive to create a more positive image for their business. Being proactive will allow for your message to be less defensive and more about the product or service you are trying to sell. You will provide more brand equity with proactive Public Relations than reactive. 

In the case of being proactive, there are four different types of offensive strategies that you can take:

Cause Marketing 

When you partner with a nonprofit or for-profit organization each party receives benefits toward their individual marketing objectives while coming together to build something for the greater good. The iPhone partnership with product (RED)® has helped to fund programs to treat HIV/AIDS. A portion of each sale goes to counseling, testing, and medication to prevent mothers from passing HIV to their babies. 


The goal of this marketing strategy is to build brand equity and build upon its attributes and values to consumers. You can see a lot of these sponsorships during sporting events like Nascar, where the vehicle and driver are dripped from head to toe in advertising.

Green Marketing 

As the planet gets older and, global warming is everywhere in the news. Businesses are stepping up and showing how they protect the environment with their products and services that are environmentally friendly. Take Prius, where they sell themselves as being superior fuel and energy-efficient.  

Event Marketing 

It is used to bring your brand to life! You can create events around your brand to bring excitement and brand loyalty. Take Redbull; for example, they make these colossal sporting events which outrageous stunts because “Redbull gives you wings.” Building events like this to promote your brand will bring a loyal following back to you. 

Being proactive and reactive will allow you to create your narrative for your brand. Don’t wait for a crisis to build PR around your brand. Do it to build excitement and brand equity for your brand.  

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