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Google Analytics in a Digital World

As marketers, one thing we enjoy is grabbing customer data and turning it into measurable insights that will assist businesses in making actionable decisions based on their engagement. A website in this day and age is your online business card (Links to an external site.). So you want to make sure you see the metrics behind your website to ensure you are getting traffic and consumers are relating to your site.

Digital Marketing is at the forefront, and Google Analytics helps with understanding the metrics and what goes on behind the scenes. So what is Google Analytics? In a nutshell, Google Analytics is a service that allows marketers or businesses to see how their website is performing. Google provides you with a bunch of data that helps you to breakdown how your site is doing. It is as simple as tying your shoes. You put a code using Google Tag Manager or WordPress plugins on the backend of your website, and Google will handle the rest. The great thing about Google Analytics is absolutely FREE!!!!

Google provides a bunch of different metrics that you can use to enhance your business. You will be able to see how many people visit your website when they visit, from where they visited to how long they stayed. This is all designed to help you build more content and ensure that people are staying and coming back for more. Here are some key metrics that are important to look at when working on your website or a client’s website:

  • Average Time Spent: This will allow you to see how long a customer spent on your website. If there is a high average time spent, then your content is good, and you have consumers wanting to come back for more. Low time spent provides insight that you may need to work on content.

  • Average Pages Per Visit: Here, Google will tell you how many pages are visited by your consumers. You will be able to see if consumers are making it to your purchase or buy pages. It lets you evaluate how to add content to your site.

  • Bounce Rate: Google will provide you with metrics that will let you know if someone does come to your website but leave right away after only being on a single page. If you have a high bounce rate, people are leaving your site without going to any other page, which means that your content is not good.

  • Users: Google has a metric that allows you to see your “unique users” and “returning users.” This metric is an excellent indicator of how many returning users come to your site and new users that come to the site.

  • Location: Google also provides you with maps to show you where your customers are located that viewed your website. This will allow you to see the geographical reach your website is doing.

All and all, Google Analytics is a great tool to use to see how the life of your business is doing in a digital world.

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