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ADIA 101

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Have you ever been sitting at home watching TV or YouTube and an ad just has instantly made you find out more or has literally made you get up and buy the product or service? Chance are you have just been mesmerized by a Marketing tool called AIDA. And no, it’s not your crazy Aunt Aida. The model is a funnel that marketers use to influence consumers into buying their product or service.

AIDA stands for

A – Awareness

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action

I will make it simple for you to understand what AIDA is and a tip on how you can use AIDA.


You want to start by attracting your consumers with something catchy. The communication is filled with a lot of noise coming at someone. So you are ad or commercials need to stand out and attract them to wanting to buy from you.

Tip: You can use powerful words or pictures to bring them into your world.


Your consumers are aware of your business, now comes the hard part of AIDA, you must now engage with your audience and show your consumers interesting facts or why they need to buy your product or service.

Tip: Understand your consumers so you can build interest around your product or service.


Interest and desire go together. Here is where you need to tell them, “what is in it for them.” Here is where you want them salivating over your product and service.

Tip: Appeal to their personal needs


Lastly, your end goal is to have them get up to find you online or get up and drive to your store and spend money on your products and services.

Tip: Here is where you direct them to your website and where to buy your product and services.

When using AIDA tailor it to what your consumers are going to get out of using your product or service. You want to make them salivating and urging them to go to your website or even get up and drive to your store. Don’t concentrate so much on the technical detail but more on why they cannot live without your product or service.

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