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A New Era of Advertising with Google

Google has been revolutionizing the way advertising is done. Google dominates the market when it comes to reaching consumers. 1.17 billion people use Google as their search engine. Yahoo only reaches 227.8 million users. Google has been able to build their search engine to help companies market themselves better.

One way they are changing the face of advertising is with Google AdWords. They provide a platform for advertisers to market their products and services. AdWords is extremely beneficial for big corporations but also helps small businesses sell their goods and services.  If you own a business and need more foot traffic to your store or website, Google AdWords is the way to go.  

Adwords Innovative Ways

AdWords is an innovative advertising tool that allows businesses to connect with their customers. It will enable a company to create online ads and lets them pick where these ads should appear. Google is made up of two networks Search and Display. These are the places where advertisers will be able to place their ads. These places include Google site, partner sites (like YouTube, blogs), and mobile phone apps. You know, those ads that appear when you want a free life on Candy Crush.   

The way it works is an advertiser will bid for specific “keywords” with Google’s “pay-per-click” (PPC) payment system. The keywords that are selected will appear when users search for those results. The great thing about this is that you only pay for the ads that get clicked on.  

Digital marketing is at the forefront when it comes to advertising. Google is banking on the digital aspect, and with AdWords, it provides a ton of benefits that businesses will be able to use to keep them ahead of the competition. Benefits include:  

  • Rapid visibility: Your ad can appear in Google top search result pages  

  • Influence: You will be able to pitch advertisements that target your customers whenever they search for your products or services.  

  • Targeting Locations: You will be able to target specific geographical locations for your ads to appear  

  • Reports: You won’t be left blind. You will receive reports on how your keywords and click-through-rate are working for your ad.  

  • Budgeting: A very life-saving tool where you will be able to manage your bids and set a budget for your ads  

Let me help you with your business using Google AdWords. Contact me if you have any questions.

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