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Consumer Perception – How are sensations and the five senses utilized in marketing?

The five senses play a huge role in customers’ perception and buying decisions. It can be vital to making a brand irresistible to customers.

With traditional marketing methods becoming less appealing, the concept of sensory marketing has gained traction amongst businesses.

Sensory marketing leverages all five senses to influence customers’ perception, desires, and behavior.

How it Works

Sensory marketing believes that people will act based on their emotions. So it attempts to ensure lasting marketing success by enhancing consumer satisfaction.

Here Are Some Ways To Appeal To Your Audience Senses.

  • Make it Beautiful – Sight is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to customers’ perception. It’s Important to ensure both the product and the ads are visually appealing. Having a beautiful product puts you one step ahead in sensory marketing.

  • The power of touch: to capitalize on touch, the products should feel good in the customers’ hands.

  • The sense of smell – to incorporate the smell into your brand, considers using pleasant fragrance in your store.

  • Emotional Appeal: To gain customers’ trust, you need to get emotionally connected with them. Sending birthday wishes to customers is one way to achieve this.

  • The sense of sound: Add some strategic sound to your advertising content. It could be a jingle or captivating slogan. Playing good music in your store can also improve customers’ experience.

Illustration of Sensory Marketing

Most car manufacturers leverage sensory marketing.

Remember when you bought your car?

Why did you choose that specific brand or model over others?

What attracted you? Was it the design, color, or other cues you found appealing?

Several other businesses use sensory marketing across the globe.

  • In commuter buses in Seoul – the aroma of fresh coffee is released whenever the Dunkin’ Donuts jingle is played over the radio. After the jingle, the buses stop close to a Dunkin Donuts outlet.

  • Singapore airlines have a refreshing and subtle scent on their staffs, towels, and other elements. The flight attendants also wear uniforms made in their color and pattern.

  • And lastly, Victoria secret plays classical music in its stores to improve the shopping experience.

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