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Salesforce Einstein AI Features To Make your Business Grow

Salesforce is a tool that every marketer needs to be aware of and be involved in the sales process. A company should invest in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Having this tool allows a company to see where their leads are coming from, how the sale is going, improves customer service, allows a visual representation of where the budget is coming from for the following year. It allows for a team to work together to get an account launch.

Salesforce allows for all this to happen under one platform without having to use anything else. Salesforce Einstein was introduced back in 2016. The difference between regular Salesforce and Salesforce Einstein is the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that the team at Salesforce has developed to make it an even more useful platform for companies to use. One of its critical updates was Einstein Vision, where it recognizes products for companies and what to pitch to their customer base next.

Einstein has these amazing features that can help your business strive:

Sales Cloud

 allows your business to create new leads faster and increase the speed of sales

Platform Services

gives your business insight on how customer life is going and allows for interaction with the customer. Also allows for social media post which a must for a marketer

Service Cloud

 gives a business a chance to free employees by outsourcing the task to a chatbot

Community Cloud

allows a business to improve the community experience

Analytics Services

allows a business to analyze data and see it visually

Marketing Cloud

A MUST HAVE – allows a business to see how likely a customer are to answer emails, email list, or make a purchase or make purchases.

Commerce Cloud

allows a business to personalize the customer experience

These tools will allow for a business to have great communication with the customer and bring more business their way.

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